Effective Male Enhancement Tips: Jelqing

All men want to have a bigger penis and be the envy of their friends. It helps their ego and it also results to better sex. It is no wonder that men continue to look for ways to better improve their penis size and the different male enhancement tips. One of the best ways to get a bigger penis right now is Jelqing.

Important Fact To Consider: Masturbation Helps Make Your Penis Bigger

  • It sure does!  However the way you masturbate is NOT the main factor.
  • Some websites will sell you exercise guides of hundreds of different so-called jelqing exercises they claim exercise different parts of your penis.The truth is that only a small number of highly concentrated exercises actually work to increase penis size – the rest are just masturbation.

The main overlooked factors to increase penis size are:

 jelqingThe “Jelqing oil” mixture –   This is the main secret that men in Sudan shared with  the rest of the world when jelqing was discovered. Jelqing oil is  a very important mix of ingredients that helps people improve their penis size through jelqing.     The oil is used when masturbating in the certain Arabic way will result to a bigger penis size that will surely be the envy of many men who see it.    The oil mixture is now medically proven to work. Scientists have found that the mixture prevents collagen from hardening in the penis and increases skin elasticity allowing the penis to grow.

The “Parasympathetic nervous system” – The number one most effective technique for dramatically increasing your penis size to the proportions that many jelqing experts in Sudan attain at an early age caters to the parasympathetic nervous system.   The technique is very difficult to explain, complicated to use, and involves the deliberate focused effort in locating and activating a muscle that is never normally used. By mastering the parasympathetic response, you can actually gain a huge size improvement in just a matter of months.

Masturbation in itself encourages DHT (testosterone) rich blood to fill the penis because during arousal the body secretes more testosterone. This causes new DHT receptors to form in the penis, leading to increased penis size.

In order to maximize the results of jelqing, one should also take penis enlargement supplements. This is very important because one should leave no stone unturned towards its quest to get a bigger penis. As such, you should not just limit your options with just doing the exercises. Anything and everything that could help should be considered at all costs.

Jelqing Is Safe

Jelqing is safe. However, it is only safe if you actually do the exercises properly. As such, it is not a very good idea for people to just go along with jelqing without any research. People are required to research online to make sure that they have the right data and not operate on rumors or hearsay.


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