Effective Male Enhancement Tips: Jelqing

All men want to have a bigger penis and be the envy of their friends. It helps their ego and it also results to better sex. It is no wonder that men continue to look for ways to better improve their penis size and the different male enhancement tips. One of the best ways to get a bigger penis right now is Jelqing.

Important Fact To Consider: Masturbation Helps Make Your Penis Bigger

  • It sure does!  However the way you masturbate is NOT the main factor.
  • Some websites will sell you exercise guides of hundreds of different so-called jelqing exercises they claim exercise different parts of your penis.The truth is that only a small number of highly concentrated exercises actually work to increase penis size – the rest are just masturbation.

The main overlooked factors to increase penis size are:

 jelqingThe “Jelqing oil” mixture –   This is the main secret that men in Sudan shared with  the rest of the world when jelqing was discovered. Jelqing oil is  a very important mix of ingredients that helps people improve their penis size through jelqing.     The oil is used when masturbating in the certain Arabic way will result to a bigger penis size that will surely be the envy of many men who see it.    The oil mixture is now medically proven to work. Scientists have found that the mixture prevents collagen from hardening in the penis and increases skin elasticity allowing the penis to grow.

The “Parasympathetic nervous system” – The number one most effective technique for dramatically increasing your penis size to the proportions that many jelqing experts in Sudan attain at an early age caters to the parasympathetic nervous system.   The technique is very difficult to explain, complicated to use, and involves the deliberate focused effort in locating and activating a muscle that is never normally used. By mastering the parasympathetic response, you can actually gain a huge size improvement in just a matter of months.

Masturbation in itself encourages DHT (testosterone) rich blood to fill the penis because during arousal the body secretes more testosterone. This causes new DHT receptors to form in the penis, leading to increased penis size.

In order to maximize the results of jelqing, one should also take penis enlargement supplements. This is very important because one should leave no stone unturned towards its quest to get a bigger penis. As such, you should not just limit your options with just doing the exercises. Anything and everything that could help should be considered at all costs.

Jelqing Is Safe

Jelqing is safe. However, it is only safe if you actually do the exercises properly. As such, it is not a very good idea for people to just go along with jelqing without any research. People are required to research online to make sure that they have the right data and not operate on rumors or hearsay.


Male Enhancement Tips: Facts vs. Fiction

male enhancement 1For centuries, men have been defining on what it means to be a “real man” such as having a high position, a good paying job, a beautiful wife and even having a large penis. For some men, the size of his member is a symbol of his manhood, and if it’s not up to scale, can really effect his self-esteem. With a whole industry dedicated in the production of pills, creams, devices and medical procedures among other methods, just what really works?

Below are the different male enhancement tips for you to choose from.


The general function of the pill is to improve the blood circulation and increase blood flow to your genitals. But you can achieve this just by being in better physical shape. Whatever added nutrients you can get from eating certain types of food. All of these pills brag that they’ll boost your size but the real boost is the profits these companies get.

Penis pump

A penis pump is a plastic tube with a rubber seal on the end that creates a vacuum seal around your penis. As you squeeze the trigger, the air in the tube gets sucked out and pulls more blood into your member. This can work as a temporary fix to help you get hard but it doesn’t last. If you use too much pressure you can actually damage the blood vessels, create a donut like ring around your penis that will cause permanent damage. If you don’t know how to use it it’s best avoided.

Phalloplasty (Penis Enlargement Surgery)

Being a more professional procedure, you’d think that this is foolproof and will work without any problems. The procedure is that the suspensory ligaments that attach your penis to your pubic bone is cut. Next your member is shifted to a position slightly farther out from the body, reattached and then made thicker by injecting fat from other parts from your body.

Do you really want to spend a fortune to have your penis cut off, reattached and then stuffed with your own fat? If the surgery is done wrong you could be left with a mushy, flimsy and irreparable mess that won’t be covered by your insurance since it’s under “cosmetic surgical procedures.”


Also known as penis exercises, can work both ways. If done correctly can improve the circulation and stretching abilities of your penis. On the other hand, it can be very painful and dangerous if done incorrectly. Some exercises involve beating, pulling, stretching and bending your penis during an erection which can damage it permanently if you’re too rough.


There are two ways to stretch out your penis, using an extender or hanging weights. For those of you who opt for the weights be careful not to tear anything or risk having non-functional penis.  An extender is the better option. It’s a longer process and has been proven effective but if done wrong can also cause tearing and bruising.

First things first, decide if you really need to be “bigger.” With so many methods also come with many risks. Are you willing to pay the price, literally and metaphorically speaking? If you still want to push through, it’s best to consult your doctor first before anything goes wrong that can’t ever be fixed.

Male Enhancement Tips: What Makes a Good Pill?

One of the most popular and easy methods for penis enhancement are pills. Majority of these products focus on increasing the length but a good pill should increase the girth as well. Whether they are herbal or chemical, they are carefully formulated in accordance to male enhancement. For herbal formulas, most of the ingredients come from various parts of the world such as India, Africa, the Middle East and China. Herbal formulas hosting natural ingredients are highly preferred and also increase your sexual stamina making sexual intercourse better for you and your partner.

What Are the Descriptions?

  • Increase blood circulation – it’s the strength of the flow and amount of blood that is pumped into your penis during an erection that gives it the size you’re looking for. With this concept, by constantly expanding your blood flow contributes in permanently enlarging your penis. Having poor circulation can either make you go limp quickly or have a difficult time getting hard in the first place.
  • Increase length and girth – you don’t just want a long penis but you also want it to be thick to help support the blood flow.
  • Improve sexual stamina – an effect pill is supposed to make you get hard faster, last longer, and overall make sex better.

What Are the Ingredients?

  • Avoid products that claim to have “secret” ingredients – this ingredient will either cause major side effects or is just a common find in your kitchen that you paid more than its worth.
  • L-Arginine – this can help increase your blood flow and harden your erections.
  • Natural Ingredients – you should know what all the ingredients are, meaning any funny sounding ingredients or unknown are either synthesized, chemical and can cause harmful side effects.

Where Did You Find Them?

Unfortunately there are a lot of scams out there that claim to be effective male enhancing pills and most of them can contain very harmful bacteria. Be sure to make the source is a reputable company and has had studies and evidences that their products are real, effective and safe.

Where Are They Produced?

With something as important as your penis, you want to make sure that the pills are created in top of the notch facilities that have the latest equipment, highly trained professionals and over all cleanliness. If you don’t know where or how they are produced, they’re not worth the risk of purchasing.

Lastly, What’s Your Reason?

male enhancing supplementPenis enlarging supplements are formulated mainly to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunctions or to help enhance other penis enlarging methods. For the case of erectile dysfunction, these will greatly help improve your size and performance. On the other hand if you’re just looking to get “bigger” pills alone aren’t enough. You’ll need to combine other methods like exercises or devices to get the results you want.

Before purchasing male enhancing supplement, first decide what you want to accomplish. Next, check in with your doctor to see if pills are the right choice for you and if yes, which one? Keep the descriptions and ingredients in mind and you’ll find the right supplement for you! Keep searching on the different male enhancement tips for more  information.